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  1. Art Requests
    Hello :) So Photo editing is really a passion of mine ... I just love it! I will edit any sort of photo you may have :) If you'd like to have a certain quote, or any way you would really like your picture to look, just let me know :) I can do a variety of styles. I can do a piece quickly, as...
  2. Art and Craft Work
    I felt like uploading these, no idea why. Was thinking about opening a thread for free digital art pics of everyone's horse's if they wanted them, but decided to open it after my exams happen (5 weeks or so). Most of these are works in progress still. hehe. This one is my very first DA pic...
  3. Art Requests
    I've attached a variety of photos for you to do whatever you like with! :) His name is Seamus :)
  4. Art Requests
    Ok so I am not the best but All I can do is put your picture on another background and possible add a Horn, wings, saddle ect ( I am not sure but I will give it a go...). This is my recent one. Me and Tess jumping with a rainbow background added and wings added. Give me a little time as I still...
  5. Art Requests
    I'm new to this forum, and really want to get involved in the community. So I am taking 3 signature requests. I'm moderately experienced with Photoshop. I have a tablet but my pen is broken at the moment, so I'm just using a mouse. Please post links if possible, so we don't stretch the page :)...
  6. Horse Pictures
    Does anyone want me to do you a photoshop edit? I can do lots of different stuff, and I generally tend to take time in getting what looks right on a edit. I dont mind doing people them (hence why I started the thread) but there is a few things to point out.. - I apologise if I dont get the edit...
1-6 of 6 Results