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  1. Art and Craft Work
    Would anyone like a drawing of their horse. Sizes A5 - £5, A4 - £10, A3 - £20. All money will be donated to the local community center who help people of all ages in many different ways. Feel free to Email for more details: [email protected]
  2. Horse Pictures
    Just a little something i did to one of the Finals pictures of my Duke and I . (:
  3. New and Returning members, introduce yourself here
    Hello everyone. New member. Always loved horses and loved to draw them. Joined to learn a little more about them as a career change has now allowed me to do draw them a little more often. Thought I'd post one.
  4. Horse Pictures
    Always loved horses - am one according to my chinese sign - change in career has now allowed me to start drawing them. Thought I'd share one.
  5. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I sometimes mount in the wash stall, and there is a small overhang that I have to duck under as we walk out. Well, a few days ago, I forgot to duck. :oops: Now, my brand new Ovation Extreme Helmet has a bunch of spidery lines all over it, but there are no dents, and the surface is still very...
  6. Horse Talk
    How do you post a picture on a thread with your question??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  7. Horse Pictures
    WARNING: This is my first time posting picture on HF. PICTURE HEAVY! Anyways, here's Winchester! Western bridle and an English saddle. OH YEAH. He's dirty and he knows it. My instructor lunging him. I ought to do that more often....*guilty face* Trotting cones. Epicness. My awesome...
  8. Horse Forum Support Help Desk
    so does anyone know how to put up a picture or video on here in your comment. i cant figure it out. Please SOmeone Help me!!!!!!!!!!:???:
  9. Horse Pictures
    Upload pictures of your horses in the snow! Or with a Santa hat. Or just any old picture!! I'd love to see them all :) !
  10. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    Are you proud of your horse? Do you take first prize when it comes to giving your Equine friend everything it needs to be healthy? Show us and all our Fans just how beautiful your horse is! Enter our Facebook Photo Contest by submitting a photo of your favorite horse. You can even submit more...
  11. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    Heh... well, it's November! At my barn they are having a No-Saddle November and a Stirrupless December! So, with that, it is my first time really riding bareback! When I was about 10, I did have one bareback lesson, but it was mostly walk/trot. Today, I walked, trotted, cantered, and jumped...
  12. Plus Sized Riders
    Ok, tell me what brand, model, size saddle you ride in! Also post pictures! I ride in an 18.5" Collegiate Senior Event and a 17" Wintec Comfort ride Western with a cutout skirt. :D
  13. Horse Pictures
    Send a picture, and if you want any words or phrases on it include that too please! :) ~ FIRST FIVE ONLY. :-P
  14. Art Requests
    Hey everyone! I would really appreciate a drawing of my Mare! She is the most amazing girl, and i really appreciate her :) I will attach a few pictures, you can choose which one/s! Thank's so much! (let me know if you need me to e-mail you the full sized picture)
  15. Art and Craft Work
    Hey everyone! I would really appreciate a drawing of my Mare! She is the most amazing girl, and i really appreciate her :) I will attach a few pictures, you can choose which one/s! Thank's so much!
  16. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    OK, so I tried to post this earlier today but it didn't work :? So I'll try again. Poll will end on February 22. Remember the is the WORST horse picture contest. Not a popularity contest or cutest picture contest! Have fun voting! Smarby's Dougal: CloudsMystique's Mystique: free_sprtd's...
  17. Art and Craft Work
    Hi all, how you doing? Not long till HOY's, anyone going? I am an artist specializing in equestrian pencil drawings. If you are interested in having a peak at my work follow the link to my website, you maybe so impressed you might want your own horse/ pony drawing in amazing high quality...
1-19 of 19 Results