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  1. Farm and Garden Forum
    I love seeing other peoples barns, arenas, pastures, etc. So post some pictures of yours! You can also include things you like and dislike and any advice/suggestions for when I one day build a new barn. 😊
  2. Horse Talk
    Hey all. So it's spring time and that means it's time for all the babies to start popping up everywhere. I love little foals and how cute they are, so why not drop pics of all your guys cute little babies for us to drool over? Feel free to post your own foals, or foals/weanlings you plan on...
  3. Horse Pictures
    Since I think Navigator is such a photogenic boy, I've decided to start a thread to share some of his pictures. :) I'm constantly uploading things of him to Facebook, and I'm sure at this point some people have probably blocked me just so they don't have to have Navigator pictures filling up...
  4. Horse Pictures
    Hi all, I just got this grade QH mare to use for barrels/cows. She's a really sweet girl, has lots of training, and is very quick and forward. Approx. 15.1-15.2hands. She is fleabitten grey, but has some really cool markings on her neck. Sorry if she's dirty in some of the pics; can't wash her...
  5. Horse Pictures
    Hiya! It's been five months since I bought my little mare, Angel, and I just realized I haven't posted any pictures of her lately! My friends are sick of me sending them endless pictures and videos, so I guess posting them here might be a better option. :-) For those who aren't aware...
  6. Horse Health
    Hello everyone! I've got a beautiful 7 year old black Morgan Mare and just recently she has been getting marks on her back legs that are all different shapes and sizes and have taken off hair. I am assuming they are kick marks as they are on her back cannon bone. But just the other day I went...
  7. Horse Pictures
    This Sunday, Spirit turned 12!! He got a pedicure(farrier happened to come up that day lol) and banana apples as a cake!! Which he didn't eat...but his sister Slash loved them lol Happy Birthday Baby Boy!! I have to put in a baby picture too lol:-P
  8. Horse Talk
    Does your horse pose for "selfie" pictures? Mine love to. Post your best!:D Zeus: After having "a few too many":wink: Lemonade tries, but ends up with her eyes closed most of the time:
  9. Horse Talk
    Hi everyone! I have owned my OTTB for 3 years now and have decided to do some research on his track life. I have found his pedigree, videos, and breeders information. Im looking for some more info and pictures of him. His race name is Peek A Boo Johnny and he raced on these days: Race Date...
  10. Horse Pictures
    Pretty much what the title says. I entered a horsey photo contest and I was wondering if I could post the link so you guys could go vote on it if you wanted to!
  11. Horse Talk
    So... am I the ONLY one on this forum who is addicted to pinning horse photos on Pinterest? I love just about any horse photo but there are some seriously beautiful ones on Pinterest! My horse board is up to 1,802 pins. :shock: I guess I just can't get enough of these beautiful creatures. :D
  12. Horse Pictures
    I'm really bored, and I've been editing photos of mine. I want to do something new, so if anyone wants any photos edited, post them below! Here's some examples of mine!!
  13. Eventing, Cross Country, Fox/Trail Hunting
    Always room for improvement right? So I just want some opinions on me and my mare on our dressage :) We got a 20.3 on this test (BN B) but I can't really read the judges comments! :lol: I know the pictures aren't the greatest, but they are the most recent :-)
  14. Horse Pictures
    hey ya'll! I was wondering if you have ever had a professional photographer photograph your horse(s)???? What did it cost? How long was she there? Any prints with it? I'm an amateur photographer and am trying to figure out what I'm gonna charge. Can't wait to hear what you all have to say!
  15. Horse Pictures
    Just some new pics I got of my horse Lilly :) After me and my grandma gave her a hair cut So cute ! Couldnt resist ! :))
  16. Horse Pictures
    This is the mare out in the field, she is my sisters paint mare but, we have been teaching my daughter how to groom and feed and well, basics with her. Just wanted to share some pictures, because I love taking photos and I love viewing photos! Anyone wanna share some photos of their horses?
  17. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Just for fun (or if your bored like me), show me your beautiful buckskins, duns, grullas, ect :) Don't know if you've seen it, but when i was little, after watching the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, i told myself one day i was gunna get me a horse that looked like the buckskin...
  18. Horse Pictures
    I'm going through a weird phase right now, Jake is leaving in less than a month to a full retired life up at my fathers property. I will rarely see him after that as with school and work my father drives down to visit me more than I visit him. (The drive is 10 hours) So I'm very sad that I will...
  19. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Harley is my 6 yr old grade QH working on topline, headset, lightness, responsiveness, and dressage. Apollo is my off the track 10 yr old STB pacer gelding learning to be a riding horse. Right now he is working on balance, confidence, trotting, bending, and transitions. First, we will start with...
1-19 of 75 Results