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  1. Horse Pictures
    These are just some recent pics I took of my lovely mare, Pie. :)
  2. Horse Pictures
    These are some new pics of my gray mare, Pie, and my sister's appaloosa gelding, Prince. :) They're taken with my phone, so they're not in the best quality. When Pie eats her feed, she always puts one leg up. Only when she's eating her feed. Not for grass or hay. I don't know why. xD
  3. Horse Talk
    Kindof a silly question, right? We call my guy (Pirate) "Pie" for short, and in honor of Pi day today (and to have an excuse to bake something) I was going to whip up a pie purely to enjoy the humor and the pun of Pie eating pie on Pi day. Can horses eat pie? Do they enjoy it? I was thinking...
1-3 of 3 Results