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  1. Hoof health and Care
    I have a horse who was pin fired 11 years ago… she has a current split in her hoof although it’s very well managed and he has shoes on. The split would be on and off said the original owners who had him for 9 years. Would it still be safe to run her in barrels knowing she was pin fired and has a...
  2. Horse Talk
    Hello, I bought this mare, 15.1 connemara x tb i was told but not seeing much tb! She has a freeze brand on her right mid neck that i have never seen anything like before and have searched everywhere to find information but cant find anything. DSCF5822.jpg picture by SecretQuincy - Photobucket...
  3. Horse Health
    My Horse Has Pin Firing Scars All Along His Front Leg Along His Tendon. Just Wondering If Someone Could Explain Detailed What It Is? Ive Been Told That Someone Stuck Pins In His Leg 2 Make An Injury Worse And That Its Cruelty. I Asked The Saddler Coz He Was The One Who Told Us What It Was (...
1-3 of 3 Results