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  1. Horse Health
    Hello guys!! Im new to this forum , ive started playing polo a few years ago and one of my older horses has this hairless sports in several parts. Can you guys help me identify what this could be ,and what could i do to get him to gro hair on those spots again.
  2. Art and Craft Work
    Hello! I have started using polos on my lesson horse and it came to mind that this would be an easy craft to do so I was wondering if anyone else has done it! I just go to Joann's and see all the fleece and I'm like....ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! Lol
  3. Horse Videos
    Saving Champions: A new generation of regeneration. Short documentary is now LIVE! Congratulations to filmmaker Dinty Andrew, and many thanks to Olivia Lamphee OKLEquestrian Waterlane Equine Vets Jessica Allies Dressage Martin Ffrench Blake and everyone involved to make this a great short...
  4. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    Hello, My team and I we are currently doing some research on Horse Polo because we want to desing and build a polo management system ( in the form of a web application / website ) to fulfill all needs of a horse polo club, player and every aspect involved regarding polo. While we did research...
  5. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    I was wondering if anyone had any experience training/retraining polo ponies. We have had a few at our barn over the years, and they all seem to have the same problems. Namely: -Unability to keep their head anywhere other than in the sky -Cantering on the wrong lead -General one-sidedness...
  6. Horse Health
    Could use a polos to wrap around the no bow wraps and use them as standing bandages? I know they are made of a different material, and polos do not provide a lot of support, but with the no bow/cotton wraps would they be okay?
  7. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    I may be showing English in a show this weekend, but only if it's OK to show in a polo, breeches, tall boots, etc. and no show coat (because I don't own one).. The show is mainly western but it has 2 English classes that are usually fairly small (from what I hear). It's a local show, but not a...
  8. General Riding queries
    What do you guys think of polo? I know that there is cruelty in almost all equine sports, but is there a lot in polo? Where are some places/websites to learn more about this sport? My friend hates it because she once rescued a polo horse that was beaten since it was not fast enough, and was one...
  9. Tack, Equipment, Riding Wear Classifieds
    Hi Everyone! I make patterned polo wraps and thought I would try them out on here and see how they do. These are created by hand so sizing is approximate. They measure 4.5" x 9'. I have 5 patterns so far just to test out. I will introduce new patterns very soon. Right now they are going for...
  10. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hey I was just wondering what brand of polo wraps that people have used and found to work good. I know that Jumptech (I think thats how you you spell it) and classic equine have good polos, but there are also not so good ones out there like the pair I bought at Greenhawk that stretched out of...
  11. Tack, Equipment, Riding Wear Classifieds
    These are 8" gold banded decorative plates that features the design of a polo horse and rider. $20. You get four matching plates. They are hand decorated and kiln fired. Buyer pays shipping of $10 cont. US. Perfect for prizes or gifts.
  12. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    We hope this is the correct section to insert this announcment: Imagine having your beloved pet rendered by the gifted hand of Indra Singh You can see Indra's work at: Indra has graciously donated an exquisite charcoal of your pet to ALL participating...
1-12 of 14 Results