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  1. Art and Craft Work
    Hi I'm an artist who specializes in pencil and colored pencil horse and pets
  2. Art and Craft Work
    Hello! After being away for a couple years to graduate college, I'm back into drawing horses again. I've been drawing horses my entire life and I would love to take some commissioned portrait work. Since I'm just starting up again, I'll be making a raffle for one free loose graphite portrait...
  3. Horse Pictures
    We are horse photography specialists and would like to welcome members to view our Facebook page 'Ponytales Photography'. Alternatively pay us a visit at We will be posting some of our work on the forum and would love your comments as we know that all of our owners are...
  4. Art and Craft Work
    Hi Everyone, I'm an animal artist new to the horse forum who specializes in charcoal portraits, and thought I would post a link to my website to see what you thought of my work. Unfortunately I don't have many samples of horses yet, but I would love to create more in the future which is one of...
1-4 of 4 Results