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  1. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Hello! I saw some used Freejump Soft Up Pro stirrups on ebay and purchased them for a good price. I was excited because of the reviews and blogs I have read about them online (I understand that many blogs are really paid advertisements). However, when I brought them to my barn my trainer says...
  2. Horse Riding Critique
    I wish I could upload a video but the website is having some technical difficulties (very infuriating since it gets to like 99% and says "software error"), but yeah I've been riding for a little over a year now and am having some issues with my two point. My problem is that I "push with my...
  3. English Riding
    Hi! I've been struggling on my lower leg position for a while and as a result, I let my stirrup position get the best of me. :-x:-x So I'm kind of standing on the outside corner of the stirrup a bit? If that makes any sense... I'm letting it slip under my instep in trot to canter transitions...
  4. English Riding
    Hay y'all! I've got some very beginner questions to ask... I've been riding for about a year now (consistently, I rode a little when I was a kid, but nowhere near this much), and every trainer thats seen me ride always gives me the same passing critique, I sit like I'm sitting on a recliner...
  5. Horse Jobs
    Yes, we are looking for an apprentice / assistant trainer / rider. This is a paid position with living quarters for a self motivated person that wants to lear how we take horses from first saddling to a finished horse. We have 6-8 well-started horses, another 6-8 that were lightly started...
  6. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    Hello! Quick question here... So, as the title suggests, how do you use your legs when it comes to doing the 2point position and the trot? I mean, do you just use your legs and push yourself up into the 2point/trot and that is all? Is there more to it? I'm not sure... Also, about the 2point...
  7. Western Riding
    Is my position okay? What can I do to improve it?
  8. Jumping
    Whenever I jump, I tend to swing my lower legs back, quite far behind the girth, and I'll often bring my heels up. Any exercises etc. that could help me with this would be greatly appreciated. :)
  9. English Riding
    I haven't been able to ride all winter due to bad weather and complications with my horses health. Recently I had a lesson (on a different horse) to touch up on any forgotten skills. A big problem I noticed was that in the trot my leg moved around a lot. My instructor said this was because I...
  10. Horse Training
    Just wondering where your neck rope should sit on you horses neck. Should it be up closer to their face or should it be down by their chest? I just dont want to hurt my horse or damage his natural breathing rhythm when riding. Granted, I'm not going to be yanking of his neck with all my...
  11. New to Horses
    this s a picture of me jumping i have been told that i go up instead of sliding back even though have done countless hours of no stirrup work it is still a bad habit does anyone have any ideas of what i could do better. please help:D
  12. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Somedays I will ride her and I will feel totally off-balanced. She acts up, bolts, and won't slow down. Other days, she's just your typical green-broke horse. I can't tell if the problem is from the position of the saddle or not. When we trot, I give all I can to even be able to post it. Forget...
  13. Hunters and Hunter Seat Equitation
    HELP! I am having trouble keeping the position of my lower left leg. My right leg is fairly secure and in the correct position, but my left leg wants to keep sliding forward. I feel like my left leg is useless and it's just there. For many years I rode with my heals jammed down and my leg too...
  14. English Riding
    I have had the problem of my left shoulder going forward for a while now. My instructor and i found out that it stemmed from having my left heel jammed forward. well, i fixed that problem but my left shoulder still drifts forward and its really hard to get back where it supposed be and as soon...
  15. English Riding
    This is a picture of me and my horse going over a 2'6" coop during a lesson. I know I should let up on the reins a bit, we've been working on the release. But other than that, is there anything I should work on? Thanks!
  16. Horse Riding Critique
    Jumping position critique ! & "Catching my horse in the mouth" Lots of pics ! I know i'm horribly pulling on my horse while landing from this jump. :shock: "Catching her in the mouth" , Any suggestions ? .. If i give her too loose of a rein I don't really have time to shorten the reins again...
  17. Horse Riding Critique
    What do you guys thing about my picture and position? But, Ignore the length of the reins. I was told to have them like that.
  18. Horse Riding Critique
    What do you all think about my position? These are the best pictures I have from my last lesson. Some of them look funny because they are stills, and also, I look funny in some of them and I have no clue why. Lol
  19. Eventing
    Hi there COH! I guess I'll just get right to the point! I'm having a tough time correcting my position. These following pictures speak louder than my words. So as you can see, I REALLY get down there.. Like a hunter. Not ducking luckily, but still. I used to do hunter/jumper for a long...
  20. Horse Riding Critique
    Okay so this was just a normal hack on Jillian(: Please feel free to pick it to pieces. I want to know everything. And yesh I know my pony is cute(: teehee so please don't only include that in your post! Thanks! ImageShack: Host and Share your Photos and Videos - 55843189.jpg
1-20 of 26 Results