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  1. Ridden Showing, Hunter/Jumper, Equitation
    Ive been riding saddleseat for 6 years. I don't show btw. I have become really interested in jumping and want to start hunter jumping.I need some advice on posture because saddleseat posture and huntseat posture are quite different.Itd be great if you could give me other advice to:D
  2. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    I've had this issue for a while, and neither me nor my instructor have any idea how to fix it.While I'm posting the trot, my legs tend to fall back out beneath me, and my feet sometimes end up near the horses flanks, and I am left sitting right on my crotch or on the ground. Hard to explain, I...
  3. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    Hi, I started riding english- hunter/jumper last november meaning to learn to jump. I took 12 years off from riding and wanted to try something new. All my past experiance in riding was western where I learned to barrel, pole bend, and rope since I was 10. (this means leaning forward hold on...
  4. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    I've heard that I should ride bareback to improve my position, and ride in my english saddle without stirrups to improve my posture. Does either work better than the other? Or do they improve 2 different things?
  5. Rider Wellness
    I have serious problems with my posture, even when I'm on my horse, although it is actually better while in the saddle. Sometimes I get major back and neck aches because of my bad posture, and it's also killing my confidence. I was wondering if anybody had any tips or suggestions of products...
  6. General Riding queries
    I've only been riding off and on for two years. But when i do the rising trot, i always end of pushing off through my feet/ leg, and my toes go down and heels go up. My instructor just says to keep your heels down and hasn't made it real clear exactly HOW to do that. Thanks!
1-6 of 8 Results