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  1. Draft Horses
    I am currently writing an article for one of my classes about cost effectiveness of draft horses, or mules, versus tractors. I was wondering if I could get some input from you guys. Thanks in advance for your time and answers. 1 What breed would be best suited for the work? 2 What is average...
  2. Horses for Sale, Lease, Loan & Wanted
    Hi guys! So I have been leasing this one pony for over 2 years and I've become quite found of her. I had to take a break for classes for 8 months and so she's been sitting out in the pasture the entire time since. When I resumed riding her I decided I wanted to buy her. The problem is her price...
  3. Horse Riding Critique
    I have to sell my Shetland filly, Star's Misty Reflection (AKA Misty) pretty soon because my parents said so... She's very tame and sweet, she's about 9hh, decent bloodlines (she's out of my mare, Star, who is a sweet driving/kids pony, and a her sire is a cute stallion named Holy Schnikeys...)...
1-3 of 3 Results