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  1. American Quarter Horses
    This is maybe a long shot, but I figured why not! A good friend of mine asked me to help her try to track down any horse that has a lineage that including some horses her family raised. They were mostly located in Montana, and only a few were ever shown or raced. She is hoping to find some...
  2. Horse Conformation Queries and Critique
    Hello! I’ve finally gotten round to taking some confirmation shots (boy is it hard to get a horse square on) 14/15 yo, 14.1hh and (we think) quarter horse, tho I guess we could be wrong, we don’t know her parents as she is unregistered and unbranded I’ve already picked out some faults, not too...
  3. Horse Conformation Queries and Critique
    Hey guys, I'm looking to get some honest (but kind) opinions on the conformation of my 3 year old quarter horse gelding. He currently stands at just 14h. I got him from a rescue back in October, and he was from an extreme neglect case. He was severely underweight and had a bad tooth infection...
  4. Horse Colors and Genetics
    So I have a big (registered) quarter horse gelding he’s a reddish bay, he’s gorgeous but, he has a strange white marking on his upper neck... been asked plenty times if he’s a Mustang...🙄 can someone let me know if I can double register him or if it’s just a Mark!?
  5. Horse Conformation Queries and Critique
    Hi! I don't expect much because I know a lot changes with babies, but I'm interested in what people have to say about my QH colt, Luca. I am aware of the 3 day, 3 month, 3 year rule, and I have pictures of 3-day-old him (albeit, they're not good but they'll have to do) if you all were absolutely...
  6. Horse Conformation Queries and Critique
    Hi! :) this is my first post to the Horse Forum but I would really like to know what people think of my little girl. She is a 4 year old AQHA registered Mare and I really don't know what to call her color :D . :runninghorse2: Thanks for looking :runninghorse2:
  7. Horse Conformation Queries and Critique
    I've been debating making this thread for a while and I've finally decided to go for it! Please let me know if you need any additional pictures... I can try to get them. My mare is a 14.2hh (that's mostly guesswork) quarter horse cross. She is for sure half QH (her sire), but I've got no info...
1-7 of 7 Results