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  1. Saddle Discussions & Saddle Fitting Queries
    Adam here! I’m a horse-lover’s dad. I like them, but my oldest daughter is the rider, competitor and crazy lover of them. She rides English and competes at Hunter/Jumper and Drassage(sp?). She is getting into Western this year though as she’s joined her high school team and Western is a big part...
  2. Hoof health and Care
    So I have a question, I know that horses hooves get dry, and that you can use hoof oil to help reduce cracking and dryness. But is hoof oil really necessary?
  3. General Riding queries
    Hey! This is a dumb question, but, well, I am insecure so I ask dumb questions a lot! Would you say I still count as a good horse rider even if I can't/don't want to ever gallop? Lol I just feel like an inadequate rider just for that reason. I just do Western riding so no jumping or anything :)...
  4. Gaited Horses
    Title pretty much says it all! How smooth can someone expect a TWH to be in the flat walk, running walk, canter and gallop? I am especially curious about the canter and gallop. Does it feel anything like a non-gaited horse? I have a lot of experience with QH's gaits and im not a massive fan of...
  5. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    First and foremost, I want to thank this community for the support I got when i posted the first time. My Marwari foal is 5 months now and doing well, thanks to all of you guys. like last time I have more questions... 1. she is scared of water, how would I bathe her ? 2 she comes when she is...
  6. Horse Talk
    I'm curious and also, is the average rider taller than their horses withers or...?
  7. Horse Health
    I'm currently working on a resource for an article that's looking at the effects of slow feeders on horse teeth. Several posts have come up on Facebook and other places with people showing possible damage due to extended slow feeder use. We want to gather info that folks can use to assess the...
  8. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    First off I apologise in advance if there are unclear points/grammatical errors in my post as english is not my first language. So I have been riding in a riding centre for a year now, and the pony that I'm currently riding has been with me for four months (mainly because he is suitable to help...
  9. Horse Health
    Hello, about a week ago I had to take an emergency trip to the vets. My horse, in the middle of eating his grain, stopped eating, stretched his neck out and started pawing then coughing and then he went down and started rolling. I call the vet and he said it sounded like colic or choking and...
  10. Horse Health
    It's probably a little early to ask this question, but I was wondering if it's safe to trick-or-treat on horseback. I woke up with a burning passion to create a masquerade mask for my horse out of a fly mask, along with a black tutu and peacock-feather tail (I don't know why, it's not even...
  11. Horse Health
    Back in 2008 I got my welsh haflinger cross pony. Her DOB is unknown and her papers I received when I got her stated they guessed she was born in 1998 (making her 20 now). Within the past 10 years we have had multiple dentists, vets, and trainers give us their opinion on her age based off her...
  12. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hi! Just wondering if who hates cleaning horse poo out of the horse float? (this is for school) Thank you!:D:runninghorse2:
  13. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Ok, so this is kind of a long-shot, but I have a question about the Pessoa saddle warranty they offer. If I were to buy a used Gen-X with a tear in the leather, could I take advantage of the warranty to get it fixed? Not sure if this is for trees only, or if it covers leather tears as well...
  14. Lessons, Trainers, Schools, Clubs, Clinics
    As mentioned in a few other posts, I've recently decided to take in an unhandled yearling as a rescue/project. I was wondering what activities/exercises could benefit him and get him a little more comfortable around people. Looking for a variety of opinions, all answers are helpful <3
  15. Horse Talk
    Hello! I am 14, and I have lived my whole life in a little suburb that is surrounded by a dirt road and a wal-mart. There's a guy who used to board horses and his driveway borders my backyard. I have grown up petting his horse and giving it grass. In November of last year, I started horseback...
  16. Horse Talk
    Hi Do you think that there is a need for Equine Transport Services or do most people have there own horse trailers and Lorries. To those of you with Horses and Ponies that require transport. Do you feel it more cost efficient to use a company or purchase your own vehicle? Many Thanks
  17. Horse Colors and Genetics
    this is Pete...he is a 16 yr old QH gelding... what do you think of him? And what would you call his color?
1-17 of 48 Results