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    I have 2 ! A holland lop and a polish ! They both mean the world to me ! :) This is my Holland Lop ! His name's Aidan :) This is my Polish ! Her name's Loretta :)
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    Does anyone on here show rabbits in 4-H? Or horses? I am a teen and would love to show my rabbits/horse in 4-H but have NO clue how:? I have a dutch rabbit that used to be shown..Could I show him again? If so, how? He has a tatto in his ear..what does that mean? If I can show him, what can...
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    My rabbits live outside in a run in my garden, but I want to let them out into the garden as the rest of it is getting overgrown and could use some trimming but they have to be fenced off because A - Falcons are moving close to the town and may already be in it B - My garden is big (1/2 and...