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  1. Thoroughbreds and TB Racing
    Hello fellow horse racing enthusiasts! I was just curious what flat races allow the most weight. I’ve heard of the Fall Highweight Handicap g3, but was just wondering if there are any others similar? thanks!
  2. Horse Articles
    Hi Guys, I am currently completing a research project and a bit stuck on how to word my main Question. Basically, I am wanting to research juvenile/2-yo racing (the ethics involved, how it affects the horse physically and mentally, disregarding animal welfare for quick investment returns) My...
  3. Horse Talk
    does anyone have any info, whereabouts or anything on Exquisite stride, the AQHA race horse?? i have a filly by him and i just wanted more info on him, that i cant really get from a quick Google search and would like some updates on him that are from is year
  4. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hi, I'm looking for some more advice, I took over care of this ex racer although she didn't make it all the way as she wasn't faster enough and the owner just neglected her. She is a really beautiful horse, she can be so loving and like affection. She handles well, a pleasure to groom and...
  5. Horse Videos
    Saving Champions: A new generation of regeneration. Short documentary is now LIVE! Congratulations to filmmaker Dinty Andrew, and many thanks to Olivia Lamphee OKLEquestrian Waterlane Equine Vets Jessica Allies Dressage Martin Ffrench Blake and everyone involved to make this a great short...
  6. General Riding queries
    Just thought I'd share a photo of 'Miss Vista' a race horse from here in Australia, I just love her and her beautiful markings, very unique! :gallop::gallop::gallop:
  7. Rodeo
    I am so excited to start doing high school rodeo in about two weeks (I'm a Freshman, so this will be my first year). I've been doing Junior rodeos my whole life, so I'm excited to try something new. Does anyone else do high school rodeo? How do you like it, and have you ever been to...
  8. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hello everyone, I posted this question in another area of the site and got no responses. Im hoping someone in this section will be able to help. Some background about myself: I have grown up around horses my entire life. My dad is a trainer and we run horses at many of the East Coast tracks in...
  9. General Riding queries
    Hello everyone, This is my first post on the site. Some background about myself: I have grown up around horses my entire life. My dad is a trainer and we run horses at many of the East Coast tracks in the USA. I really enjoy working with horses and helping train them and I am hoping to get my...
  10. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Im 16 and i am 6,0 and 115 pounds. Anyways I saved up and bought this horse that can be raced and I rode for the first time and it just BOLTED like it was insane!:shock: No other horse could catch it so I had to wait till it tired out. I thought it would be a waste to let its talent just sit...
  11. Horse Talk
    Hello, looking for some of the best horse books out there, new or old. I've just read one called The List by Tina Kunkle. It was a great little story on insurance fraud in racing. Looking for more great books to your favs! :D
  12. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I'm looking to get a nice saddle pad that's not extremely expensive, I will be sing it for barrel racing so if anyone has any favorite and/or reasons they think its a good one for barrel racing please let me know! (:
  13. Horse Talk
    I am the proud owner of a retired thoroughbred. Lately I have been thinking just how amazing it would be to be able to view some videos of my horse in some of his races. However, I have not had any luck in finding anything :( Does anyone know if there is anyway to obtain/view old racing footage...
  14. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    Ok, I have a retired standardbred mare who came from the alberta tracks. I recently became interested in her background and decided too see if I could find her Tatoo. The last two numbers are to blurred out to read but I got the first three - TN3.. I can't contact the old owner for her papers as...
  15. Western Riding Queries & Competition sub forums
    Hi everyone :) luckily enough I'm not having real problems with my horse now, but he took a frustrating habit and I need your advice! I love racing with friends in the fields.. We used to always win, I just gave him the start and he would do the rest :D During the last months we haven't raced...
  16. General Riding queries
    Hi, Im currently doing an assignment where I debate against "flat racing competitions should be restricted to horses of 3 years or younger" Any ideas for using younger horses? THanks
  17. Horse Talk
    At one point I remember watching a horse documentary of sorts on either youtube or just online that followed 3-4 pasture mates through their lives in different disciplines and now that I want to find it again I cannot... I believe one was an eventer, one was western of some sort, and the other...
  18. Horse Talk
    Hi everyone! I have owned my OTTB for 3 years now and have decided to do some research on his track life. I have found his pedigree, videos, and breeders information. Im looking for some more info and pictures of him. His race name is Peek A Boo Johnny and he raced on these days: Race Date...
1-18 of 40 Results