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  1. Horse Riding Critique
    This is me riding a horse named Andy, a five-gaited saddlebred. Any critique is welcome as well as tips! I know my feet have a tendency to turn out and I loose contact with my thigh, given my background in huntseat it happens most of the time. (Our...
  2. Gaited Horses
    Hello! I have been riding a very nice 5-gaited horse that is owned by my trainer and have been enjoying it a lot. However I can get him to rack it is often a struggle to keep him in it perfectly, she always tells me I just need to feel it and listen for it. I understand listening for it and...
  3. Gaited Horses
    I remember my instructor talking about how the gaits are learned and how they have to still be slightly natural and how it must be slightly natural. In reality how natural is it?(Rack and slow gait)
  4. Horse Health
    I have a pony mare which has a terrible fly rack (is that spelled right i hope? :D) Well, last/last year she just rubbed out all her mane and the top of the tail. She thought OK, we buy some repellent next year and it will be OK. This spring she started to rub earlier and she rubbed out all...
  5. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    My seven year-old walker gelding naturally holds his head out and relatively low, like a western pleasure horse. My trainer told me to put a tie-down on him to get him to flex and collect more (he's very clumsy) and to hold his head like a Walker "should", and for some reason I don't remember I...
1-5 of 5 Results