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  1. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    I know that horses often spook at unfamiliar sights, scents and sounds. I live in Florida, which has frequent thunderstorms and often high winds. I'm fairly new to riding, so I don't know how phased the horses are by thunderstorms. The forecast for my lesson tomorrow calls for scattered...
  2. Horse Health
    Hello, Here in Virginia we have very wet winters. Given this, much of the time during the winter, the hay is wet. I'm guessing this is not a problem, and to be honest there isn't much I can do about it...but I was just wondering if wet hay could cause any issues for the horses eating it? Thanks!
  3. Horse Health
    Hello! I have a question about my mare's legs. On her back legs there are rough areas and when scratched the hair comes out. I've been told it was rain rot by the barn manager. The pastures have been very wet lately from storms (it storms pretty much every day this time of year. If it isn't...
  4. Review Horse Tack and Equipment
    I am wanting to get my horse a rain or turnout sheet that is waterproof for the rainy season. Does anybody have one that has worked really well for them and is actually waterproof? Or ones that really stink?!
  5. Horse Riding Critique
    Well, this is the first time that I have asked for a critic. Be harsh if necessary, but compliments are nice if deserved. I will not argue or make excuses - I want to improve for both myself and my horses' sakes. I started really riding in around 2011, and am mostly self taught. I have sadly...
  6. Horse Training
    My horse refuses to walk through puddles... The area we live in has had rain non-stop for ages and now there are puddles everywhere! I even need to take him throgh mini lakes to get him out of his paddock. What should I do?
  7. Horse Health
    having only recently moved to the rainy northwest, i'm dealing with some things that weren't really an issue for me before. what i'm wondering is - do you feel that your horse(s) need to have a rain sheet to stave off rain rot and other issues when living in a climate that's as wet as Portland...
  8. Farm Forum
    My dad boards his horse at a farm that has a ton of mud. He's trying to find the best way to control this problem. What are some things that he could suggest they use? It seems that after all the rain we got last summer (in New Jersey), the mud just will never go away! They have tried sand and...
  9. Horse Talk
    I just took in a gelding that had been abandoned and it all happened a lot faster than I thought it was going to. He has been out in a pen by himself until he got use to the new environment and updated on vaccines & wormed. Well... we got hit with a storm today, they have been saying it was...
  10. Horse Health
    I have a 17 month old TWH filly. She is underweight, but not extremely skinny. We live in Oakland, MD (Garrett County) so it can get pretty cold out here. My horses are turned out 24/7 with some trees and a run-in shelter. I would like to get a blanket for her to be sure she's warm when it's...
  11. Horse Talk
    ok. it is raining very hard here. I had to ridk my life to go out and get pics for you all. Supposed to rain for the next 5 days, its been raining for one, already inches of water. I uploade the camera, but some pics and a vid didnt come off. I will try again later. Anyway, here they are! ALl...
1-11 of 11 Results