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  1. Horse Health
    Last week my horse was showing some symptoms of colic, so I called my vet and he advised us to give her 10cc of banamine intra-muscularily. She was fine and it really helped. The next day (on the Thursday) the same thing happened, so I called him and he came out, and said to give her the...
  2. Horse Health
    Has anyone had experience with or heard of Zimecterin Gold causing chemical burns in your horses mouths?????
  3. Horse Health
    Help! Even the vet doesn't know what it is! My 12 year old QH gelding has some strange horizontal swellings in the fascia/subq tissue over his shoulders. On bad days, it moves over his girth area and rump as well. They are not hot, but he does become sensitive. After trying herbal skin tx, as...
  4. Horse Health
    Yesterday I used a roll-on fly repellant on my horse Nirvana. This morning when I went out I saw that, in the shape I rolled the fly repellant on, her skin was swollen and irritated. Her underbelly is also swollen, lumpy and itchy...she broke into hives I think. It is worst here, as her it is...
1-4 of 4 Results