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  1. Horse Breeds
    I am trying to find where I can look at the registry of a Warmblood and I'm not exactly sure where to look online. Like for racehorses, you can find them. Any suggestions??
  2. Horse Health
    I have recently been told by my trainer that my horse has been showing signs of HYPP, She has been at the trainers for a little over a month and I have never seen her show any signs of it, but anyways my mare has impressive in her pedigree and I did not know this before I got her because she was...
  3. Horse Talk
    So I bought an almost two year old colt yesterday, and he's a doll! He's a grade colt, so not registered with an breed association. However, he has a wonderful Paint coat pattern. I'm pretty sure I can register him with the Pinto Association, but it seems like everyone I've talked to has told...
  4. Horse Talk
    hey im trying to find the breeder of my mare. she is a tb. unregistered. no papers. how can i find this info?
  5. Horse Breeds
    So my mare Kali, was a mistake foal. Some studs busted through a fence with her mom. She was never registered because the owner didn't know what stud was the father. I was told Kali is registerable as a Paint if I did DNA to figure out the father. I emailed her previous owner to get contact...
  6. Horse Talk
    I want to compete in POAC (pony of the americas club) shows. My pony has papers, but I just have them in a folder and when I bought him the owners just gave them to me, I didn't get his papers in my name or whatever. Do I have to do that before I can show in a POAC show? I know nothing about...
1-6 of 6 Results