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  1. Horse Breeds
    i'm referring to Thoroughbreds in particular. i'm still deep in the middle of horse shopping and i found quite a few thoroughbreds that are identifiable but have had their papers lost along the way. mostly not being past from owner to owner between homes. is there a way to get them if you can...
  2. Horse Breeds
    so i'm looking for a cart pony for my grandmother and i found a pretty cremello half icelandic half Tennessee walker mare. four years old and already trained to drive but i'm confused on one thing. her ad says she's registered, but how does that work? i'll admit im not great at understanding...
  3. Horse Breeding
    I need help! I bought a 2010 filly last fall. The girl I bought her from had signed registration and transfer papers all filled out from the breeder/previous owner. I sent them in to AQHA, and it turns out the dam is registered but not DNA-typed. So, from what I understand - my new filly...
  4. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Hi, I have got some information about my horses grand parents and was wondering if anybody heared of either one of them. His grandfather is Kotys Bobby Sue. Hes a registered Appaloosa. His registered number is: 398609 Any information would be appreciated. Im just curious of my boys family:p...
  5. Horse Pictures
    this is my soon to be new girl. i just put a deposit down on her and will be paying in full and picking up on september 1st. :) she is a registered 15.2-3hh paint. "frosted fairy flakes" aka Dixie. very sweet horse. extremely lazy though... lol 100% different then my other mare.. bella is a...
  6. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I have a mare that is registered as a paint, but she dosent look like one. Her mom was a quarter horse, and her dad was a paint. I was wondering if I could be able to double register her as a quarter horse as well. :-|
  7. Horse Talk
    I want to compete in POAC (pony of the americas club) shows. My pony has papers, but I just have them in a folder and when I bought him the owners just gave them to me, I didn't get his papers in my name or whatever. Do I have to do that before I can show in a POAC show? I know nothing about...
  8. Horse Talk
    My new STB gelding, Widow Maker "Widow" needs a new barn name as "Widow" doesn't suit his sweet personality!
  9. Horse Shows
    I love hearing everyone's horses show names:D Mine are: Dream- Zipped Pandemonia Rosie-Sheas Rodeo Bonanza Dusty- Dusty Mulder (kinda laaame) And Sassy is not registered, but her show name is "Sheza Pain ND Asset":D
  10. Horse Breeding
    I am buying a paint/quarter horse. Her mother is not registered, but the father is. Is it possible to have her registered of only one of the parents' have papers? I have the breeder's information and the dad's information. Can I register her under PtHA?
  11. Horse Breeding
    So I have a registered Arabian Mare. I purchased her for reasons other than her pedigree and tonight I was curious enough to look online at it. But unfortunetly, despite my searching, I have yet to find any matches. Her registered name is VB Kasha, she's polish from my understanding. So...
  12. Horses for Sale and Wanted
    ADMS mini donkey for sale named Amigo's Little Sparkler he was born 7-4-09 and is very sweet, and loves attention greets you at the gate. I am Asking $300.00 for him he is worth 3x that but i just want him to go to a good home that has time for him.. so if interested let me know!
1-12 of 12 Results