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  1. Trainers, Schools, Clubs, Clinics
    When people reach a good to top level of competition, does that give them the right to abuse horses and get away with it under the guise of being experts? Should the associations manage these competitors more closely instead of only making rules whilst in the actual show pen. Go to the website...
  2. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hello! I was curious if you guys have ever, or know anybody who has, taught minis-or Shetlands, how to do various reining moves on the ground, and if so how you/they taught them. I think teaching spins and sliding stop as a sort of trick would be interesting. Any thoughts or advice on how to do...
  3. Horse Breeding
    My beautiful mare, Jazz, has soft tissue damage in her foot. Probably deep flexor tendon. I have spent a lot of money on her trying to figure out what it was after injecting her coffin joint and she was still lame this was our conclusion. I am not going to get an MRI at this point. In the...
  4. Horse Health
    It's a really tough time of the year in western NY. The ground is constantly freezing and thawing creating craters in the pastures. My horses stay out all day and come in at night. I have noticed that my 2 reiners are stocking up quite a bit this winter. They are not lame and I am not really...
  5. Reining
    if you are an NRHA member and interested in the upcoming drug and meds policy please go here and participate in survey NRHA MEMBERS ONLY NRHA Drug and Medication Policy
1-5 of 5 Results