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  1. Horse Talk
    I have a 10yo thoroughbred/QH gelding I got him about 6 months ago, he was a rescue. His name is "Trent" but I never liked that name. I was thinking of naming him "Torrent" or "Trident" because it's similar. I have heard that it is bad luck to rename your horse, but I don't even think he had a...
  2. Horse Talk
    Hi guys! I just bought him a couple days ago. He's a 15.2hh, 2 year old Thoroughbred. We came up with the show name Small Town Favorite. But for some reason we can't come up with any suitable barn names! He's a sweetheart, rescued from a horse mill :(. As you can tell he needs weight, but he'll...
1-2 of 3 Results