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  1. Art and Craft Work
    As I'm feeling bored and drawing for yourself with no inspiration left gets pretty tedious. Anyone who wants to share their photos of their horses so I can have some fun sketching will be rewarded with art. :D Here are some examples already - Let's have some fun!
  2. Horse Videos
    I'm working on a series of short films for BBC Learning and I'm looking for a 'chatty' horse - one that moves it's mouth a lot/ on command. It's a bit of an odd request, but we're making a short film about WWI and the animals used in the war - and we want it to be narrated by a horse. Is...
  3. Art Requests
    I do requested work, whether it be from horses, to fruit bowls, or tattoo designs haha. I've got a very realistic style but also relaxed with watercolors. I don't have ridiculous prices, though they do vary by size, medium, and subject matter slightly. Please don't hesitate to ask for more...
  4. Art and Craft Work
    I'm looking to build up my art portfolio right now and I am interested in taking on some requests........ :grin: I will do a custom 6x4in watercolor portrait of your horse (please provide as many clear photos as possible via here or e-mail). If interested, I can do a 11x14. A 6x4 costs...
  5. Art Requests
    I'd really love to have a nice portrait of my favourite Welsh Mountain Pony, Ellie. If you think you can make a nice picture of her, please give it a go. I have uploaded some images below (please ignore my slack position in the second pic). Can't wait to see what people come up with!
  6. Art Requests
    Hello, I'm open for requests on free or commissioned horse portraits. Just post a picture of your horse and I'll draw it. :) I prefer full-body pictures with lots of highlights and shadows but anything works. I can use pastel, pencil, colored pencil, ink, charcoal, and for paid commissions I...
  7. Art Requests
    Hi, I'd be happy to draw some horses for you. If you post pics, I'll draw as many as I can. Here are some of my drawings of horses. I will only draw in black and white, but may colour on request :-) Sorry about quality of photos...
1-7 of 7 Results