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  1. Equine related Surveys & Questionnaires
    Hey folks 😊 I’m currently working on some research around equine cancer. If you or anyone you know has experience with horses in any capacity and could spare a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire regarding knowledge or experience surrounding diagnosis, treatments and prognosis, it would...
  2. Horse Health
    Hey all, My name is Michael and I study the effects of the many different populations of bacteria in the stomach of the horse. Without getting into the many details of the project (you are certainly welcome to ask and I will answer!) I am studying how worm infestation affect the horse's...
  3. Rider Wellness
    I'm part of a university sponsored animal assisted therapy research project to better understand the benefits of equine therapy. There is very little hard evidence to prove it's effectiveness, yet if you talk to anyone who has had it, they're overwhelmingly positive . This is why our short, easy...
1-3 of 3 Results