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retraining racehorse

  1. New to Horses
    I'm new/not new to horses. I rode for 13 years but that was 15 years ago. I never owned before. This spring I volunteered at a thoroughbred rescue in my area and fell in love with a 5 year old gelding. He had some issues that I had to consider- he'd been on stall rest for 5 months when I...
  2. Horse Talk
    Last year my family brought me a ex-racehorse. He is my first actual horse. He is quiet and is never really nasty but it has become hard for me to train him by myself as I have no experience and am only a teenager. He is a big horse and recently I have been having problems. My dad has suggested...
  3. Horse Training
    What's your best advice for bringing home an ex-racer? Do you have a plan? Once they've been put out to pasture, and had time to rest, how do you go about re-training them? Share your techniques here :D