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  1. Horse Talk
    I'm curious and also, is the average rider taller than their horses withers or...?
  2. Horse Talk
    lately i feel like im getting no where in my ridding. my horse seems to go backwards right when it seems like hes getting something. i was going to start barrels this year on him but his gerneral ridding still needs work, and i would love to start showing but hes not ready i love him and hes so...
  3. Horse Talk
    my QH Harley is very very upset that im working with my paint Flash and my moms mustang Cody. that he will stand and watch me ride/loung them, and will stand where i saddle and put boots on them. when i unteck them and take off their halter he will let me put it on and walk with me to where i...
  4. Dressage
    okay so today when i was showing in barrels with my horses my mom was talking to my Best Friends mom and she asked if i would like to work/ride/exersize her horse (she can, got injured not saposta(?) ride any more) hes 18(?) year old hanovarian(?) about 16.3 i belive and all black and out of...
1-4 of 4 Results