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  1. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hey, I'm new here. Does anyone have a Pro Choice Comfort Fit Lycra Fly Mask like this one ? I'm wondering if they are a good fly mask or if I should look at something different. Thanks...
  2. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hey everyone! I would like to start a business making custom rope halters but I can't find any super cheap places to buy rope in bulk from. I would like to start off buying at least 50 to 100ft of a variety of colors, so the customer has lots of color options to choose from. After doing some...
  3. Barrel Racing
    I will be working my horse in a tie down occasionally just for tune ups and I'm wondering if there is any reason I couldn't just use a rope halter under my headstall hooked up to a tie down? Any reason why not?
  4. Western Riding Queries & Competition sub forums
    I made it to state fair (4-h) and one class was trail in hand.I have always used a show halter to show in and that's what I used at the qualifying show.I was practicing backing an "L" I found out I could send her through it without me actually guiding her through it.I was told that'll help me...
  5. Horse Talk
    I want to use a rope halter, but I'm worried about safety issues since they can't break during the case of an emergency. I thought about using lead ropes with a quick release snap, but they don't seem to make those... I also thought about only tying them to something like this: Blocker Tie...
  6. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    I've been trying to introduce my gelding to a rope halter, and he does okay until we come to a patch of grass, and all he does is eat. He ignores everything I do to get him to pick up his head. When we're not near any grass, he won't yield his head to me for the turns. Basically, he is very hard...
  7. Horse Pictures
    Some pictures a friend of mine took out at the barn and riding. Starsha is a Quarter-horse Arab cross. We do trail and polocrosse, also some natural horsemanship stuff. She's a lot of fun, lots of go, but loves a good fast stop also. Standing in the saddle, she is pretty good at...
  8. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hi everyone, This is a post I wrote to help people choose the best rope halter for their horse: Rope Halters – how to choose the right one « AllHorseStuff How do people feel about the thin 5mm stiff rope? My store uses the thicker rope for our rope halters, I'm wondering if we should carry...
  9. Horse Talk
    Just tell me which kind of halter you prefer rope or a nylon halter. you can also tell me why if you have a reason for preferring one over the other
  10. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hi! I recently bought a 6 yr old Friesian/Shire gelding cross. He's a big wonderful guy. In the 3 weeks I have had him he has been doing a very well but with a few huge exceptions. He is a giant chicken. If I take him into the indoor arena he gets very nervous. The first time he went in...
  11. Horse Talk
    Okay, so I've been thinking that everyone should put on here something they REALLY want to brag to people about that they've accomplished with their horse or whatever, because I always want to brag about things my horse and I have done, but nobody ever really wants to hear it, so here's...
  12. Horse Videos
    Hi all, this is our newest video, hope you like it.
  13. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hi! I bought a JT/Tough 1 rope halter and I have had it for like a week and it has stretched out to the point where it no longer fits my horse. Get this, I paid $16 for this! Just wanted to warn people:D
1-13 of 13 Results