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  1. Horse Boarding/Livery/Agistment Queries
    I'm currently an 8th grader and my Dad (is awesome) and is letting me choose my new barn and horse as long as its no longer than a 50 minute drive betweeen my school and my barn to my home and no longer than a 30 minute drive from my house. Also the board cant be exceeding $600 a month. Being in...
  2. Horse Boarding/Livery/Agistment Queries
    I'm looking for pasture board in NJ or PA for my older gelding. Preferably somewhere with good pricing.
  3. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I recently bought a purebred QH gelding. He is beautiful in every way possible: colour, personality, soundness, age, etc. The only weird thing about him is that he has a rough coat. His cot is healthy and shiny, it just has this STRANGE texture to it. It almost feels like he was clipped with...
1-3 of 3 Results