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  1. General Riding queries
    My mare is an ex-racer, and therefore carries her head very high, and has a very hard mouth. She has no topline, and I think this is partially due to holding her head so high. I'm trying to get her working long and low, and we're making teeny tiny amounts of progress (better than none of...
  2. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    I'm just wondering if most of everybody does it the same way or if I can find out some new ways that might work better :) One way that I use is wiggling the horses nose until he reaches it down, but sometimes it feels like he's just bracing against me when he does it. The other way I do it which...
  3. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    He has come a very long way and I am so proud. Anyway, I see that he kind of "bobbles" in and out when on the bit. Will stillness of the head come as his neck muscles become stronger? Or is there something I'm doing wrong? Any help/suggestions are welcomed! Thank you.
1-3 of 3 Results