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  1. Barrel Racing
    Hi guys just wondering is it absolutely necessary to have a horned saddle to barrel race, or is it acceptable to use a stock saddle, and just no one does it. Is there any specific rules in barrel racing in regards to saddle I should know about.
  2. Jumping
    Hey there! Just a competitive hunter who found their way into the jumpers ring. And boy am I confused. If any of you are competitive could you answer a few of my questions? Thanks. 1. What are the different ways you get eliminated? 2. You have 45 seconds to start right? 3. if you hear two...
  3. English Riding
    Before I begin let me just put out a bit of a disclaimer, since this community tends to be subject to....negative views.... I'm not here to start some war, and talk about how saddleseat is abusive, etc. etc; because I do not believe that it is. I enjoy saddleseat just as much as the person who...
  4. Barn and Stable Building and Maintenance
    So, I've been at this barn for over a year now, and just found out this rather odd rule. Though it is not written down, nor in my board agreement, the BO is saying that no one is allowed to ride horses other than their own if they are not in lessons or working it off. This came up because my mom...
1-4 of 4 Results