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running away

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  1. General Riding queries
    A couple nights ago, I was riding a mare in a bareback pad/vaulting surcingle "just in case". My plan was to be mostly trotting and do some cantering, so the surcingle was for if I got nervous (I'm a beginner at riding bareback/with a bareback pad). What ended up happening was: I mounted, walked...
  2. Horse Stories, Poems, Famous Horses in sub forum
    xJumperx is writing again! Uh Oh! :p Some of you may have read my previously written story, "Heartlines." If you haven't read it, give it a try! Link here: Anyways, I've gotten back into yet another...
  3. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    My horse has been known to get loose every once and a while. When he does, he just runs away. If he sees other horses he will run to them, even running past fields of grass. How can I get him to listen to me? How can I get him to not run from me in the first place? And if he does run away, how...
1-3 of 4 Results