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runny nose

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    Hi there, Over the past few days, I have noticed a lot of nasal discharge in my 16yo mare's nostrils. She is still eating and acting normal, so I assume this is just a cold? Any clues as to what could have caused this? Is there any good way to treat it, or should I leave it alone? Thank you!
  2. Horse Health
    Hey everyone, My 6 year old QH mare has had a runny nose since I got her about 3 months ago. I did some research and found that it was not a problem as long as it is clear, which it was. She was eating grass in the pasture until about 3 weeks ago when I gave her a round bail alternating pens...
  3. Horse Health
    My mare has recently started to cough when being ridden, usually it just sounded like she was clearing her airways but today she was breathing heavily and coughing continuously. She had a slightly runny nose but nothing to unusual and her glands are slightly swollen. Should I call the vet or see...
  4. Horse Health
    My horse has a really runny nose every once in a while. He doesn't act differently or anything, but it does worry me a little bit. It's not just a tiny little bit of liquid, but actual lots of clear mucous. Sorry if it sounds gross, but I just want to know if I'm over thinking it at all. Is it...