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  1. Horse Health
    My mini mare has been having poop problems for like 3 years and I have no idea why. The vet couldn't find anything wrong with her, her weight is good, and she is dewormed regularly. She poops normally (formed) and then the rest is all fluid. It squirts out all through her tail and all over her...
  2. Horse Health
    Hello everybody. I have been worried about my pony a lot lately (probably over worrying by a lot). I went out this morning to feed and turn out and she had runny poop last night! I have owned this pony for almost five years and have never seem her poop this runny. I am giving a lesson on her...
  3. Horse Health
    Has anyone heard of this before in horses? I'm starting to suspect my horse has a case of it due to another horse being diagnosed with it at my barn with the same symptoms... and everything i'm reading on the internet points to him having it... We for a long time thought it could be ulcers or...
1-3 of 3 Results