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saddle care

  1. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Recommendations for best way to clean my English saddle (with doeskin knee rolls), without saddle soap? IS there a safe way that won't damage the saddle? (Silly question -- I'm just outta saddle soap, and I'd like to clean it for sale). Any recommendations greatly appreciated! Stubben Siegried...
  2. New to Horses
    I just bought a brand new Circle Y Alpine Flex2 trail saddle and am not sure if I need to oil it before riding in. And if so, what should I use and how should I do it? How often should I oil it to maintain the leather?
  3. Horse Tack and Equipment
    so i bought my saddle used and i love it. but it seems like there is some wear in the seat. at first i thought it was just dirt that i could clean off, but as i cleaned the area it seemed to get worse and worse. so then i figured that it's almost like its super dry, because its feels very rough...