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  1. English Riding
    Hello, I recently picked up Saddlebred who was previously on the road. He's about 10, registered, and his sire is pretty well known in the show ring with lines to Attache. I realize my horse's body my be broken down from being on the road, but I still hold out hope he might be able to be fun...
  2. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Hello, I'm getting a 16hh Saddlebred that I'm trying to estimate sizing on. I will be riding saddleseat. What are common girth sizes and blanket sizes? Anything to use as comparison would be great.
  3. Horse Tack and Equipment
    All, Curious which is the better of the two? I realize the Campbell is the older style of what is now considered to be a Whitman. On the other hand, I've also heard good things about BT Crump saddles. Which is the better of the two? I am looking at both for a Saddlebred. Thanks!
  4. Horse Training
    I'm a little bit newer to Saddlebreds, but not the equine world. I've had Arabs and a NSH most of my life. I realize there are varying opinions on action devices as some see it as cruel, so.. if that is you, I ask that you respectfully not comment. I'm curious as to what is the best route in...
  5. Horse Talk
    I'm just getting into the Saddlebred world. I'm a somewhat experienced saddleseat rider, and a very experienced western/hunt rider.... just not with the breed. What are the experiences at New Holland? I realize the cycle of show horses going to amish buggy horses. I'm looking for a saddleseat...
  6. Horse Showmanship
    There is a girl at my barn who shows saddlebreds. It doesn't take much to know though she isn't exactly one who'd win or even place, despite the fact she has a black horse. What she does is not keep hold of the curb reign and her horse shoots his nose up and acts up. We have tried everything we...
  7. Gaited Horses
    I own an American Saddlebred named Alex and I'm starting to train her how to gait. She's getting the hang of it, but she get's really confused real fast. Saddlebreds can rack and slowgait. But what I'm curious to find out is how other pople trained their horses how to gait. Thought it would be...