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  1. Barn, Stable, Shelter & Equipment
    Hello, I am looking for some input on my new arena. I have reached out to several companies to have someone come and design my arena base/ footing but no one is in my area so I am on my own. I am building a 100 by 150 area. It will be used for flatwork and some jumping. Nothing extensive and I...
  2. Horse Health
    My mare has had loose stool and intermittent diarrhea for about 10 days. She had something similar a few years and was diagnosed with having some sand in her gut so I called the vet to ask for advice. She recommended the same treatment as last time and wasn't overly concerned by the symptoms my...
  3. Hoof health and Care
    Question above. Does sand footing, mixed with wood chips affect the horse's hooves in any way? I've heard the hoof may become softer and the horse will be extremely-ouchy on normal groud after he gets used to the sand footing. Is it true or no? P.S. Please no other comments except in the...
  4. Barn, Stable, Shelter & Equipment
    How to have a dust free arena during the winter? i cant use water ill just get ice!
  5. Barn, Stable, Shelter & Equipment
    I'm new to the world of forums :wave: , so bear with me if I ramble. I trust someone will let me know if my post should be in another forum. Needless to say, I'll also need time to learn all the abbreviations....:D. I'm planning to build a small (60×120) arena to be used for warm-ups and...
  6. Horse Talk
    I am making a outdoor arena, it is located where a lot of water will go to, especially in winter. However, my horse needs a softer surface to work on because he cannot work well on harder surfaces (he is getting old) I will be using it to Jump and do Dressage. It can be windy here, I don't...
  7. Barn, Stable, Shelter & Equipment
    When building an arena with sand, can you lay out a base of gravel and then lay out your sand on top? this is just speaking, I dont have the fund to build an arena anyway. thanks:)
  8. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    i've been working a lot more lately and I lunge my horses everyday now for the past week. my gelding has coughed once or twice during lunging. and my other gelding will sneeze a little bit after 30 minutes after he lowers his head. are these normal? its not dusty at all in the arena.
  9. Barn, Stable, Shelter & Equipment
    I have a horse stabled in a very nice, large dry lot. The only thing that bothers me is that there are areas in the lot that get quite deep in nasty muck when it rains, and then they stay wet for a very long time because they are so deep. I believe those areas should be scooped out and...
  10. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hello all, I'm new and I LOVE horses. I found this website while attempting to Google footwear appropriate to my situation. I'm going to post this here, and I may cross-post it to a different forum section because I'm not quite sure where it belongs. I'm a volunteer at a therapeutic...
  11. Horse Health
    My horses are currently at my parents but I would like to move them to my house after I finish the fencing. One big problem: Sand. While it may be good for footing, I am terrified of sand colic. Does anybody else keep their horses on sandy soil? Is there any treatment you have done to prevent...
1-11 of 12 Results