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  1. Horse Training
    As someone who is passionate about ethical equitation I am amazed at the lack of robust scientific evidence available to support both sides of the bit Vs bitless debate that is rife amongst the horsey folks. Do you think more research is needed? and if sufficient evidence for better welfare was...
  2. Horse Training
    Horses are pretty much the only athletes on the planet that are selectively bred to excel in their particular discipline. From the moment they are born, elite horses have one purpose. Whether it be racing, jumping, dressage, etc. they are on earth to excel, to win. Then why is it that when...
  3. Horse Health
    Dear all, if anyone has 5 minutes to spare we would really appreciate if you could help us out by completing a short survey on horse health. The more responses we get the more meaningful the results will be. To complete the survey you need to be over 18, live in the UK and currently own or...
  4. Equine Careers and Education
    :faceshot:so I came across equine iridology the other day , and I thought it looked interesting , so I did some further research on it and I think that I may possibly enjoy it as a career .So , does anyone know anything interesting about it , or know an equine iridologist , or know where the...
  5. Equine Careers and Education
    Hi, I'm new to the Horse Forum and needed some help thinking of a good science fair idea with horses. Which fly spray works the best or what flavor treats do horses prefer is not exactly what I want to do (or what my teacher lets me do!) If any of you have an idea, please tell!
  6. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    Ok, I've been considering going to the university of Findlay, but I have some questions first: 1. Which program do I want, if I want to grow a ton more as a ride? Their programs aren't all involving riding, so thats why I ask. I would also like to eventually be on the IHSA hunt seat team, if...
  7. Horse Talk
    Ok Guys, explain this one: Why do some people shave the whiskers from their horse? My chain of thought was this: Horses have prehensile lips, right? And I don't think they can see exactly what they are putting in their mouths. Don't whiskers have a purpose? Would shaving them not be somewhat...
  8. Horse Talk
    Hi :D I am at college in New Zealand and for science I need to do a science investigation. We get to it on anything we want so..... I am looking for any ideas that you guys might have about a science project based on horses... I am open to any ideas and would love to here yours. Thanks!! :roll:
1-8 of 11 Results