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  1. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    I have a new horse. He is 25, but looks like he's about 15. Prophet, that's his name, is about 1200 lbs, 15.4 hands, black and white paint.Everyone comments on how stunning he looks! He is a fabulous very well behaved and well trained horse! I've had him 2 months and he knows me (and my car)...
  2. Horse Health
    I was told that Alslike Clover is toxic but some horses have more of a reaction to it. One horse owner has had her horse get scratches/mud fever or scabs on its legs that she couldn't get rid of. She spent thousands of dollars with different vets to figure out why her horse kept getting scabs...
  3. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    My 4 yr old QH got rain rot last year - that is now cleared up and hasn't come back. He has had scabs on his legs ever since I bought him last year. I scrubbed his legs off and on all summer (hoping not to dry them out) with betadine - scabs wouldn't go away. I finally got the scabs to go away a...
  4. Horse Health
    Okay so my horse was diagnosed with Scratches aka mud fever on Monday the 21st of March, and he was put on 1 gm bute paste daily, and two scoops of Uniprim as an antibiotic. I also am scrubbing his legs with betadine as the vet recommended. It's not really getting better... :( He's not lame and...
  5. Horse Health
    Comet got his legs all scratched up a few months ago. I wrapped and treated them often but he still has scabby type things. I tried picking some off but no blood. The hair won't grow back. The scabs are soft. What can I do to heal his legs and have the hair grow back? :?
  6. Horse Health
    ok I was just wondering how to prevent and treat Scratches. my horses dont have it but i dont want them to get it either. any help would be great.
1-6 of 6 Results