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  1. Horse Health
    Has anyone had any success with allergy testing and allergy shots for their horses? I would really appreciate any information or input you may have.
  2. Horse Health
    A little bit of background: My mare has always been grumpy on the ground, ear pinning and the like. Her attitude is great in the saddle, though, and she's a very calm horse wether we're out on the roads or riding in the ring. Last March I realized that I had never, ever noticed her go into heat...
  3. Horse Talk
    As a novice horse owner, I've still got a lot to learn. A lot of it I'm picking up through reading, talking to other horse owners, from practice. But there are occasional small things that continue to baffle me. Like, seasonal horse colour changes. How do they work? My horse Dubbin's black...
1-3 of 3 Results