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  1. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    hi y'all. new member. i'm getting ready to sell my hereford 1968 Yoakum saddle. please advise best places to list it. i live in a small town close north of seattle, washington. thanks a lot.
  2. Horse Talk
    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, and joined because I need some advice, and I hope that you can give me some insight. Here is my situation: I have a great 16 y/o Morgan gelding, named Drifter, that I bought in 2008. He's your typical Morgan, willing to try anything you put him to, and a real...
  3. Horse Talk
    Please help, this is urgent! I recently sold my horse, and the buyer wanted physical copies of his papers. I only have photocopies, but they're photocopies of everything needed. However, the new owner won't give us the full amount we originally agreed on until we send her the papers. We don't...
  4. Horse Talk
    I need some serious help. Honestly, I don't know what to do. I've been obsessed with horses ever since I was little, and I was finally able to get my own last March. At first I was hopeful and excited. A new horse, my first one! All to myself! But as time has gone on, I have slowly lost the joy...
  5. Horse Talk
    Hey guys! This is my first thread. I just wanted to ask y'all a question to see if y'all can help. I want to be able to possibly sell something to make money for a horse. I don't know what to sell. Do y'all have any ideas on what I could sell? I want it to be something easy that can be simply...
  6. Horse Talk
    I can't believe it and my heart is breaking :-( I moved from my hometown in South Africa to Singapore, and then from Singapore to America (Go Oregon! haha). Finallyyyy I got my first horse, Sydney who is the same age as me, 17! I have had her for 2 years now, but I have to move to Ireland and I...
  7. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    So, if any of you have read my old posts,you'll know that I have a 4 year old gelding named Lakota. When he turned 3 last year, I was trying to find someone to break him, but all the trainers in my area told me that they weren't taking anymore outside horses. So, I gave up on any hope of getting...
  8. Horse Talk
    Hi guys, I've made the tough decision to sell my filly. I love her to bits, but she's just doing nothing (even though she's been professionally started by one of the leading UK western riders/trainers) while I focus on my other mare (who - whom? - I am getting a really close connection with)...
  9. Horse Talk
    I have been thinking about getting rid of my 12/13 yr old gelding D. But before I put him up on the market I really need some questions answered... I got D probably last September, he was skinny and very nervous. Since then he has filled out to a nice looking boy, but he is still nervous. I do...
  10. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    For those of you that have sold a horse before, how do you do it? I mean, what websites do you use? Do you do video's or pictures? Where and how do you advertise? Is there anything to do that would make MY horse STAND out in all the ads? Please give me your tips/advice.. All appreciated :D
  11. Horse Talk
    What is your bond with your horse? How do you feel about him/her, and how do you think he/she feels about you? The reason I ask is, I've owned my mare for 8 years. We had good times. I say "had", because it's just not fun anymore. I don't really enjoy riding her anymore. And I don't think she...
  12. Horses for Sale, Lease, Loan & Wanted
    I'm Selling a seven year old pure quarter He's a little rough around the edges, But he's a generally sweet horse. I'm trying to find a 'round-a-bout estimate on how much he's worth. Any ideas?
  13. Horses for Sale, Lease, Loan & Wanted
    Hi could anyone tell me some horse dealers in the south west. am looking for horses / ponys to bring on to sell. Thanks
  14. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hello! I want to show some my works. How do you think is anybody will be interested in such saddles?
1-14 of 17 Results