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selling a horse
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    do any of those exist? i have a couple horses i would like to rehome but i want to know they are going to a good place and gonna have a job.
  2. Horse Talk
    I am jumping 90cm+ and prelim/ almost novice dressage. But my first horse I bought was perfect for me - at the time. Recently I have been wanting to move up to higher showjumping and harder dressage tests (combined training) but my horse doesnt have the ability to go any higher. Don't get me...
  3. Horse Talk
    My mom and I share a horse together and we have for 2 years. We bought out mare as a 4 year old and she's taught me a lot. she's very quiet and well behaved but i always felt like we weren't a very good match. I want to compete in show jumping but out of all the competitions we've done we have...
  4. Horse Talk
    I'm trying to sell my grade paint mare. 15.2-3, broke, gentle and an overall greathorse...I'm listing her for $900.00 and only had 2 people look at her over the past several months....what can I do to make her ad draw more people in so I can sell this horse. what info should I put, type of...
  5. Horses for Sale and Wanted
    I am thinking of selling my horse in the near future, and wanted some expert opinion on how much a few people think my horse would be worth if I sold her. I understand the market is not great right now, but would like if people didn't put that into complete consideration when helping me decide...
  6. Horse Talk
    Hi guys!, I thought I'd ask your guys opinion on how much my mare Aaleyah is worth. I'm thinking about selling her but not completely sure. She was my first project horse, and made big improvements so I know her pricing has changed since I purchased her. Basic info Appendix quarter horse 15.1...
  7. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    i wasnt really sure were to post this so it did it horse Chief is being so;d and i am looking for a new one...i have looked at literally all the horses for sale websites checked out all the barns nearby and cannot find a horse that i like that is in my price range! i am looking for an...
  8. Barn and Stable Building and Maintenance
    Have you heard of anyone letting the new owner take possession of the horse before final payment is made? It is risky but if the room is needed and buyers are limited it is tempting. If you know of this being done, can you let me know the particulars of how you protected yourself?
1-8 of 9 Results