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  1. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    My gelding was recently diagnosed with PSSM (he is +/- for those who are curious). I had already cut out a considerable amount of starches and sugars when my farrier noticed one small area of stretching in his hooves last summer but am switching to a different feed to decrease it even more as my...
  2. Tack, Equipment, Riding Wear Classifieds
    So I will be shipping a saddle to somebody. I believe they are a trust worthy person because they are a leader in a local 4H club but even still. When you are going to ship something to somebody you don't know, do you ship it once you receive their money or what?
  3. Horse Talk
    I need to take a large roping western saddle with me on the airline. I know they all charge for luggage now. I have read many comments many places: they are not considered SPORTS equipment as many items golf clubs, skis, surf boards even, but not saddles. IF I pack it in a large duffle bag...
  4. Trailer and Horsebox queries
    i'm not sure if this is the right place for this thread so... i will be moving from Reno to Portland in the coming months and i'm hoping someone can give me some referrals for shipping companies or perhaps tell me about your experiences shipping horses. what do you need to do to prepare for...
  5. Horses for Sale, Lease, Loan & Wanted
    I am looking for any referrals of companies that will transport a horse from Illinois to California. I prefer experienced and professional shipping agents that will take good care of my horse. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Thanks!
  6. Horse Health
    I have a two-horse trailer with a removable divider. I will be leaving for a three day trip this weekend, and I am wondering what the best way to transport my horse is. I can make the trailer into a box stall, or I can leave the divider in place. I have heard conflicting opinions on this issue...
1-6 of 7 Results