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  1. Shire Art

    Here is my Shire oc, Cruella
  2. Member Journals
    I was not sure where to begin when I opened this thread to to start sharing the Daphne an I's story and then I was looking at a photo...where this big fluffy creature is sticking their tongue out at me...and I sat there and stared at it realizing it had been a month to the day of putting my last...
  3. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hello everyone! I am currently dealing with an aggressive/dangerous horse. She is a huge Shire mare that is due to foal in the spring. She has been a brood mare her whole life and was recently bough and brought to the barn. The problem is she is scared of anyone coming near her. When you reach...
  4. Horse Breeding
    I am purchasing an in utero shire foal! A shire has been my dream horse for the longest time and I am finally making it happen! I don't really have many horse people friends, and I had to share my excitement with someone. The stallion is 17.3 hh The mare is 17.2 hh Here are pictures of the...
  5. Draft Horses
    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows of any Chestnut/sorrel/red roan Shire or Clydesdales either at stud or for sale :-)
  6. Horse Conformation Queries and Critique
    this is floocie. she is a 9 year old nearly 18hh shire thoroughbred cross. with an excellent temperament. very well broke surprisingly. i took her in from a very bad situation, where she was about 150lbs under weight. her feet were also very neglected and because of this- they have panned out...
  7. Horse Riding Critique
    Does he look right, i want to show him, he's going be my first horse after training 3, and i really want to know if he looks right. If not thats fine ill keep looking for a show horse but hes still my Gar Bear! Im sorry if the pics are a little big :oops: there is two from him as an itsy baby...
  8. Horse Memorials
    This year passed away a special horse for me and my family.. Although we didn't own him we fought for his life for almost four months but we didn't succed! :( His name was Rue Moss Cavalier - he was a black shire stallion, born in 1999, in England. His life was so short but yet he had...
1-8 of 10 Results