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  1. General Riding queries
    Hi, wondering if anyone has tips or exercises to keep my shoulders back when I ride and for not leaning forward as I tend to lean forward too much and not sit back when I ride, especially in the canter. Is there exercises to improve on this or some tips while I ride? Thank you :)
  2. Horse Health
    I have a miniature called Pip who is nearly 3 years old. He has never been ridden but I free jump him over up to 80cm. I also have taught him tricks up such as how to paw and bow. He also has sweet itch therefore wears a sweet itch rug. However, yesterday when I went down, I was teaching him to...
  3. Rider Wellness
    So I have had many issues with my body and I'm only 16, i love riding and I spend every spare second at the yard. I never let it stop me and I try my best not to complain but I am having so many issues lately and everything just hurts! I have long ligaments which means my joints rattle around...
1-3 of 3 Results