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    I'm so excited to share this video! My OTTB and i had a super bad experience in 2017 during a group jumping lesson. We had 27 refusals, i ended up in tears, and i ended up with a horse that rushed or bolted at every pole or jump he saw for the next year. It took a lot of work to overcome the...
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  3. Horse Videos
    Spring is at full swing and local show jumping competitions are on the way ! We attended the first one of this year, check it out some nice jumps there at the end ! :gallop:
  4. Horse Breeding
    Hey! As I am starting to get ready for foaling season at my barn, I`ve been lurking around this forum reading all the old foaling threads (and also noticing there are no new ones for this spring? Fellow backyard breeders, where are you?!). So I figured that I need to make a thread for my two...
  5. New to Horses
    Hi! I am a 14/15 year old hoping to get her first horse soon! I have been riding for seven years, and I am an intermediate rider. The horse I am planning on getting is a 10 year old 16 hand OTTB named Red. He retired at the age of 6, and started his off track training last year. He has a...
  6. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Hello! I'm looking for a good show jumping saddle that wouldn't break the bank, but since there are endless choices, I'm turning to you all for help. Suggesting a company would be great, but if you could, then please share a link of your personal favorite jumping saddle. The only things that...
  7. Jumping
    Hi! I've been show jumping for the past 3 years now, in classes up to 1m (3'3''). I haven't had any trouble with fear or regarding height, i could even jump single fences at trainings up to 1.20m (3'11'') until recently. It started a few months ago when i had a really bad competition. The horse...
  8. English Riding
    I saw this show jacket on facebook and I'm absolutely in love with it.. But what discipline would you wear it for? It has almost the classic Hunter look, but it has 4 buttons? And it looks almost too "formal" for show jumping?? Unless that's just me. I don't have any experience with showing as...
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    i hope you enjoy
  10. Horse Conformation Critique
    Hi I just got a new 5 year old ottb and I was wondering if anyone could give me a critique of her conformation for show jumping. She is 16.2". I know she could use some groceries I just got her yesterday :) and she's only been off the track 2 months.
  11. Horse Videos
    I'm starting a new video journal/gallery because my previous one is quite old so any of my new youtube videos will be posted here but here's my new youtube video!
  12. Horse Training
    Here in Spain I met some people that told me Andalusian horses can't be trained to jump. How much truth is in that? I'd like to hear your opinions. :wink: And also what kind of training should be applied to such a horse (heard it's very stubborn...)? Thank you!
  13. English Riding
    I have been riding for two years with the goal of someday jumping. I am looking for a stable that teaches Jumping in Southern California near Pomona. Thank you :gallop:
  14. Horse Videos
    sorry about the flood of posts from me -.- From now on links to my videos will be uploaded in this thread :D subscribe to this thread to keep up to date with new vids :D
  15. Jumping
    I really want to get Parlanti boots and I am going to Paris and Montreal for spring break.... so is anyone aware of any shops that sell them in either places? These will be my first pair so I would prefer to try them on in a store as opposed to buying them online. Thank you
  16. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    Hey friends! I really need your advices, tips & tricks! I've been participating in show jumping competition for about 5 years now and currently I'm doing 120 and 130 classes with my horse. Even though it's getting better, I'm still often concerned with if I'm going to see the right...
  17. Jumping
    Has anyone heard anything of EWSZ stables in ON CA. I'm thinking of applying for their working student program that I see on their website. Does anyone know what their program is like? are they reputable trainer? Is it a fair program? they look very qualified and professional but there is only...
  18. Horse Showmanship
    Hi I'm thinking of joining bsja possibly at the end of this year if , once I get my new horse , enjoys jumping. I'm planning around 70-90cm to start off with on my new horse depending. What do you win at these competitions ? It confuses me Also how many people usually in a category? Anything I...
  19. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I am looking into purchasing an HDR Luxembourg or an HDR Rivella Show jumping covered flap saddle. I rode in my friends HDR pro QH saddle and LOVED it but i want a full calfskin/covered saddle. Any reviews good or bad on them would be great :D Thanks
  20. Horse Training
    So, my horse whisper is scared of jumps, some times she will go over them, sometimes she refuses.. Any tips on how to get her used to them? How to train her to jump? Should I consider getting a trainer? Or perhaps riding lessons?