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  1. Horse Talk
    I need a show name for my horse Holly, we've got a few but I'd like to see what people would come up with.
  2. Horse Shows
    Hello everyone! I need some ideas for my mare's show name. I will be showing her in dressage and I need to get her a show name for her membership. She is a bay draft cross and her barn name is Bella. She has no markings except for a star on her face.
  3. Horse Talk
    Hey friends! Just got my first Gypsy Vanner and I am over the moon for him! His show name is Crab Creek Cian O’Carrol of Ossary. I need name ideas! Help a girl out :loveshower: :blueunicorn:
  4. Donkeys, Mules & Zebras
    I have a new :faceshot: who came with the name "Rhodes". We are superstitious about it being bad luck to change their barn name, so I have been calling him that since he's been here. I don't know what his registered name is, (I wish I did!) but he and I will be getting into the show ring in the...
  5. Horse Shows
    So I am supposed to come up with a show name for the pony I lease but I have NO idea what it should be? 😂 Does anyone have any ideas?? Her name is Savannah and she is a dappled, buckskin mare. Her registered name is literally 4 words long and it's TERRIBLE so not going to use that😂 She and I...
  6. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    I need help with a show name for my gelding! I'll be showing him in hunter jumpers and show jumping next year, maybe some dressage. His registered name is Table and he's sweet as can be! He is a dark bay and has a small star slightly to the right of his forehead, a big snip that covers his...
  7. Horse Talk
    She goes by Chevelle, but any show name will work. I prefer names with two or more words. My other Horses name is Rockin' Rainbow (Rain). Chevelle is a Seal Bay Thoroughbred Filly.:runninghorse2: Any Ideas???
  8. Horse Shows
    I need help with a show name for "Tank". Both his owner (I lease him) and I are prior service military and would like to have the show name have some kind of military meaning! Any suggestion would be great. :) This is his first show (its more for schooling) Please excuse his goofy...
  9. Horse Shows
    Hi ! I'm in need of a show name and need ideas ! :) She is a quarter horse and her barn name is Lilly. Here is a picture of her So, any ideas ?!?! :)
  10. Horse Shows
    So I want to show my 18/yo quarter horse at the upcoming fair in my town. She isnt registered though. So I'm having problems with name issues. This is my first horse show and I plan to do halter considering it's my horse's first show too and I don't want to stress her out too much. I just want...
  11. Horse Talk
    Show name suggestions? Raven is a 16hh Dark dapple grey mare. Gorgeous and dainty. This is a link to a picture of her :)
  12. Horse Shows
    I may sound stupid for asking this, but is a horses registered name that is on his papers his show name? or do you get to chouse their show name? My geldings registered name is Double Bucks Tango, but I call him Tango. Would Double Bucks Tango be his show name?
  13. Show Jumping and using jumping in training
    I need a show name for my APH mare. Her barn name is Foxy. She is pretty laid back, a very pretty mover, she's got a very cheeky personality. She is white and grey and was black and white as a baby. I would greatly appreciate all any suggestions or ideas that you might have! Here are some pictures
  14. Horse Talk
    Hi there! I am new to this forum in hopes to find new opinions! Just yesterday my parents got me a beautiful chestnut gelding, he is 12 years old, 15 ish hands and he does everything! (western, trails, jumping, neck reins) just a whole package. well he has a lightning looking star and one sock...
  15. Horse Shows
    My mares registered name is ICU West, and i think it's awful...i don't want to show her under that name, i really want to show her under Dancing Days, or some other classic rock song's name. Do i have to use her jc registered name? Or can i change it any way?
  16. Horse Shows
    I have a little miniature donkey that I am planning on showing once she is fully trained, and I have no idea what her show name should be. Her name is Tuti and she is a 2 y/o. She is white with gray spots. She is really sassy and has a huge attitude! I was kind of thinking Tutti Fruitti as maybe...
  17. Horse Talk
    Alright, well.... Me and my gelding have our first series of shows coming up! In my haze of hyper excitement and pure dread, I'm having a hard time coming up with a show name. Things that may help: We ride western. His barn name is Arrow (he has an arrow head shaped marking on his face) He's a...
  18. Horse Shows
    I need a showname for my mare (you can visit her on my Horses page). Her full name is Santana/Silvya Santana and she is very fiery and fast so if you could come up with something from that, that would be great!!
  19. Horse Shows
    Okay I've been trying to figure out some show names for my horse Jasper he's not registered but I still obviously want a show name. He's a standardbred paint cross. 2 1/2 years old so I have a little while until I actually use it. Im going to show hunter jumper. Mobile Photobucket Mobile...
  20. Horse Riding Critique
    Im taking my mare to our first show next weekend and as ive only had her for a little while i've yet to decide on a show name for her and want one for next week! Ill post a pic so everyone knows what she looks like cos thatll help lol ... and being ridden ... shes a little bundle of energy to...
1-20 of 23 Results