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  1. Riding and Barn Wear
    I'm an eq rider who's done a few hunter shows over the years and I am looking to get into derbys, I've been borrowing a friends jacket and want to start doing it more seriously but I don't want to buy the expensive jacket only to not use it after two shows. any good brands that aren't crazy...
  2. Horse Shows
    I am wanting to look into showing but I am wondering if you have to own your own horse? I am looking into western pleasure or trail.
  3. Horse Shows
    Hey everyone! I’ve been looking at a horse show and there is a class called “walk/trot obstacle.” I’m hoping to enter my friend in it, while I do some jumper classes. Does anybody know anything about this type of class? Thanks!! If it helps, the show is by West Palms Event Management.
  4. Horse Shows
    Hey everyone reading this, I just joined this site today to ask a question that's been bugging me all day, how high are XC and SJ jumps in the Introductory level eventing? Was hoping I would find something after a google search, but sadly nothing came up. Thaks for reading, See ya soon, Lara :)
  5. Ridden Showing, Hunter/Jumper, Equitation
    Hi! I have questions for those who have showed in ASB Hunter Country Pleasure. I had ridden Hunter Eq/Pleasure on Morgans before and Have questions on the differences. I started riding him in a pelham on my last ride. 1.) Should his head be higher than a hunter morgan or at the same level...
  6. Horse Shows
    Hey all! I am looking for a show name for an unregistered bay Andalusian/TB cross gelding. He is a very type-y Andalusian, the most curious, playful, and sensitive horse I've ever met. His barn name is Brodie aka Theodore aka Theo (he came with all three names), but doesn't have a show name...
  7. Horse Shows
    After much googling, sorting through FEI website- I cannot find the printed FEI pony test that ISNT the freestyle requirements. Does anyone have a paper copy of the test and can upload a picture or can do some internet wizardry and find them?
  8. Horse Shows
    I'm an amateur photographer looking to practice taking action shots of hunter/jumper shows and events and I'm planning to go to local shows this summer and practice, but I don't know the policy of photographing other people and their horses. I wouldn't be publicizing the images or selling them...
  9. Horse Shows
    Hi again everyone, I have previously had no interest in showing but recently I have gotten a young filly who has decent conformation and colour (red/blood bay but no white points). I was thinking of in-hand showing her but I have no idea what to do! After looking on multiple websites, I still...
  10. Horse Shows
    Hiya, I'm showing my girl next week and I will be competing in a fancy dress class. The problem is I've NO IDEA what to dress me and my horse up as! has anyone any ideas or pictures of their own fancy dress? It's for a bay, 13.2 mare
  11. Horse Shows
    Hi all, Im going to my first show in 3 weeks and im in the process of registering my paint filly therefore rego wont be ready in time, but im hoping I can just show in unregistered classes but im not sure what classes are what and what class my filly needs a rego for, my filly is 2 and half...
  12. General Riding queries
    It's been a while since I last posted here. Especially since I was not in the correct mental state anyway. I have to say though, I've made huge progress. Goes to show that anyone can improve! I went from not being able to do a posting trot after twelve or so lessons to wining show ribbons in...
  13. Horse Shows
    My mare Willow was severely neglected before I got her and suffers from mouth problems because her teeth weren't properly cared for, so she has to be ridden bitless. I really would like to be able to show her some but I don't know of any types of English classes that you can ride bitless in...
  14. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hello! I have been having trouble showing my horse. This has always been the case, and I have had her two years, but at this point, I feel that it is not just stage fright, but something bigger. She rarely needs to be lunged at home – or, at least, usually every other week. She is pretty mellow...
  15. Horse Talk
    heyy So I am helping a friend showing her miniature horses and I'm sort of new to it all, so any ideas and help is much appreciated So I'm unsure on the types of things I can do to increase trust for the horse to have with me and for me to have with them, I need to make sure I have good trust...
  16. Member Journals
    I wanted to start a journal documenting the progress my mare CoCo and I have made along the journey that is: showing. When I got into horses...about 10 years ago, now, I had no ambition to do anything other than just plod around on a horse. My horse, your horse, anybody's horse! I had no...
  17. Horse Shows
    I'm just wondering , what do they require you to do in a western pleasure class? How do they judge it? Do you need nice silver tack? Are some walk, jog and some walk, jog, lope? any answers related to western pleasure will be greatly appreciated. I'm new to showing western so I'm not sure how...
  18. Show Jumping and using jumping in training
    I've ridden Western for several years in the past, to the point where I leased for a couple of years and then owned for a few more before I went off to college. Since then I've only done occasional lessons here and there, but things in my life have changed and I'm looking to start picking up...
  19. Horse Talk
    So I have a 16 hand bay "chromey" OTTB gelding named Mantos. I'm going to start showing him soon which is very exciting! I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me about there OTTBs and showing them. Kinda a weird thread but I'm a little curious.:-)
  20. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    What in the world is Grease Paint? Has anybody used it before? How does it work?
1-20 of 118 Results