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  1. General Riding queries
    Hey! This is a dumb question, but, well, I am insecure so I ask dumb questions a lot! Would you say I still count as a good horse rider even if I can't/don't want to ever gallop? Lol I just feel like an inadequate rider just for that reason. I just do Western riding so no jumping or anything :)...
  2. Horse Talk
    Zdravstvuyte, howdy, and hello there fellow members of the horse forum! This is going to sound a bit stupid... but I'm trying to think of a fun birthday present for my horse, Bodie. He turns eighteen tomorrow. After all, he's an adult tomorrow (Haha, NOT.) and I'd like to get him something fun...
  3. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    My friends horse is pretty good at outside jumps but as soon as she jumps inside its a different story. She goes up to the jump then in front of it she just bolts off to the side, bolts over the jump or freaks out till my friend makes her go over it. She is rarley like that outside and i was...
  4. Horse Pictures
    Thought I would share an older picture of a "Giant Grey Squirrel" :shock:
1-4 of 4 Results