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  1. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    So my 16hh standie wears a 81” tough 1 blanket But their is a sale on a supra rain sheet , and the sizes go from 80”-82” not sure how supra fits.. big or small, What size do you think I should order The biggest size is 84 but not sure about the supra fit
  2. Riding and Barn Wear
    Buying breeches online can be so hard! Especially if it doesn't fit and you have to pay to ship the item back. For e.g. I'm a 26 in Tuffriders, Small in FitsT4 tights and Medium in Kerrits tights.. But a 28 in Dover riding sport is too tight! And 26 in Irideon breeches is baggy! Who measures...
  3. Riding and Barn Wear
    I have ridden english for the entirety of my riding career, with only occasional "playdays" in western. I was offered and accepted a summer job guiding trail rides and helping with backcountry pack trips... and I wanted a pair of ****** for looks and also protection. Now as a college student I...
  4. New and Returning members, introduce yourself here
    Hi all, New member, so please bear with me! I am currently looking at a new horse. I am used to riding a 16.2 TB, and am now looking at a 14.2 Arabian. I am 5.1ft and weigh 52kg, so I sort of thought my size wouldn't be an issue, but now I look at this picture, I feel like I look too big for...
  5. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    I've been taking riding lessons for about one month now. I generally ride a 25 year old Dutch Warmblood. At my last lesson, my usual horse wasn't available. So I rode a 7 year old Appendix Quarterhorse. This felt like a huge change. The neck of the horse seemed shorter, so that I had to...
  6. Miniature Horses
    Hello all, I have been looking at getting a harness for my little gal, and I have found a website that came well recommended for beginners and those not looking for anything fancy. I took all her measurements and know what size to get her, but I am wondering if I should hold off. She is three...
  7. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Yesterday, my daughter and I went to our local dover saddlery to try a larger saddle since she's outgrown her 14" all purpose charisma saddle. She's been using it for a few years now but she's grown a lot during that time. We are now going to try out a 16.5" circuit saddle on friday, (Circuit...
  8. Trailer and Horsebox queries
    I'm considering upgrading my 2009 3h CM Drover GN slant trailer as it is only 6' wide and one of my mares is about 16.3hh. She is too long to fit in one stall. I measured the stall length at 88". Her blanket size is 82-84. I really like my CM trailer, but I just need something wider! I...
  9. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I typically ride in a 15" or 15.5" western saddle with a swell fork. My wife has started riding and loves my Big Horn trail saddle, so...what momma wants, momma gets. I did a lot of trying out new saddles and wound up buying a Hud Roberts Wade Tree from PFI in Springfield. I really like it for...
  10. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I am five foot two and I weight about 95 pounds. I have breeches in 22 inch but that is still way too big. I cannot find any breeches that fit me. HELP!?!
  11. Barn, Stable, Shelter & Equipment
    Hello! My family and I are considering putting in an indoor on our horse farm. I was wondering what a good size would be? I want to have a good sized indoor that could be able to do courses in (I my main love is show jumping, second equitation, so I would need enough to do a good size course...
  12. Barn, Stable, Shelter & Equipment
    Hola all! My best friend and I want to have our own farm one day, and whilst trying to make a sort of barn plan I've run into a huge problem... Sizes confuse me. I'm lost when it comes down to trying to figure out sizes. Currently, we have stalls sizes at, Typical horses - 12x14 Drafts - 16x16...
  13. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I have a 15.1HH Draft cross and was sizing her for a girth to go with my saddle. If I buckle the girth in the very top billet holes on the saddle (it's a 7 billet saddle.) I would need a 36in girth. If i did it in the very bottom billets it would be 29in. So what size should I get?
  14. Horse Talk
    Hi! I'm new to this website so forgive me if I'm on the wrong forum or messed something up. :) I've been riding for roughly two years (first year was at a terrible barn and I only rode for 15 minutes a week on a tiny fat pony so it doesn't really count) and I was wondering what size of horse...
  15. Horse Talk
    My horses sizes are 84 and they are 15.3hh tall and than my 17hh boy is 86-87. Is this normal? What is everyone else's horses blanket/height sizes?
  16. Horse Talk
    Anyone brave enough to post? If you are, post photos of your saddles, share the brand, and seat size! Here's mine: 17" Tex Tan Hereford, 18" Millers', and 19" Marcel Toulouse Genesis Aachen! Who else is brave enough?
  17. General Riding queries
    I am a 12y girl, I am 5'2 and 92lbs, I want a horse/pony who I will fit for maybe 2-3 years, what size horse/pony should I be looking at
1-17 of 46 Results