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  1. Welcome! Introduce yourself here!
    Hey everyone!! I am new to this and excited to connect with fellow horse maniacs! I purchased the XL Standard Guardian Mask w/95% sun shades. Upon trying a friends' mask on for fit, I found that the browband pushes out n a "V" under her forelock. After speaking to Jeanine (@ Guardian) about...
  2. Horse Show Clothing
    For a while now I've been looking for some breeches under $100 and I found some Piper breeches that I really liked. I got a size 30, and like all other pants I ever buy, they were too big in the waist and too small in the legs and butt. Does anyone know any breeches brands that fit my body type...
  3. Horse Health
    Hi everyone! I want to get my horse a pair of exercise boots. I'll have a link to pair I'm going to buy. Nowhere can I find how to size my horse for these boots. He's an average sized horse; 15.1 hh Quarter/Paint horse. Should I just wing it and get a medium, or is there a certain way to size...
  4. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Does anyone have an American Saddlery "average horse" sized breast collar they could measure for me? If you could measure the breast collar laying flat on the ground, straight across from D-ring to D-ring, and let me know - I would really appreciate it! So frustrating to me that measurements...
  5. English Riding
    I have always been a petite person, always shorter than everyone else and I never thought anything of it till after a few years riding I took the time to find breeches that truly fit me I noticed that I have worn baggy breeches because I couldn't find any breeches that are in my size. (United...
  6. Horse Talk
    I have the sweetest 13.3 hh POA/QH gelding that I've had since I was 11. I'm 15 now, and I've grown. I'm afraid that I'm too big for him! I'm 5'4, not 'big', but all my friends say that i need to "upgrade" which really makes me mad. Their maniac barrel horses are nothing compared to my well...
  7. Horse Tack and Equipment
    My pony fits perfectly in a 'Pony' sized halter. A lot of stores don't offer pony sizes but they have like full, yearling, weanling, etc. Would he fit in a Yearling size halter? He's about 14hh if it makes any difference :P
  8. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I wear a women's size 7 in ariat boots. do you think a youth sized spur would fit my boot? I really like this one pair online and they only come in youth size. :-P Do you think they'd fit?
  9. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Would a cob sized half pad fit my 15.3 fit QH? Sorry I'm bad at sizing!
  10. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I recently read in an article that Delgrange saddles feel a half seat size smaller than normal, so it would be okay to get one that is a half size larger. Does anyone agree that Delgrange saddles feel smaller than other saddles? Thanks ~Jess
  11. Horse Tack and Equipment
    So, I have a TB gelding. He's your standard Thoroughbred build and I lost my old pair. My old wraps were some that I had just gotten passed down to me. My trainer said that they fit him well, but they seem to be MIA. His height is 16"2. How should I tell the size of the standing wraps I should...
1-11 of 11 Results