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  1. New and Returning members, introduce yourself here
    As a new member, I would like to give you some idea about the weather conditions for horses in the Northern Europe (Finland). We still have cold and snow in Finland today, but hope that spring would come to us, soon.
  2. Riding and Barn Wear
    Morning Everyone. We just moved to Northwest PA with our 2 horses and had an Amish built 3 stall shedrow barn built. It currently has a dirt floor and we are debating keeping it dirt or maybe putting a few inches of gravel down with rubber matting on top. This will be our first year with a full...
  3. Horse Talk
    I think we can all agree that we wouldn't work our horses during a hurricane or tornado. But is there a point (excluding major storms) where you draw the line? I won't ride if it's snowing or raining heavily (or "quickly") and I won't ride when it's windy in the winter. Or if it gets below 20...
  4. Horse Videos
    Destiny loves the snow. :) I uploaded this video of her last year. She actually looks like an Arabian when she's running around like this! (She's purebred, but a lot of people think she looks like a Quarter Horse!) I'm going to be uploading...
  5. Horse Health
    I live in a part of Nevada where it gets pretty cold but hardly snows. Right now it has been cold and snowing for about 48 hours straight and the wind is starting to pick up. They live in a medium sized pen where mud puddles easily form and stay for days even with sunny weather and have no...
  6. Horse Pictures
    These are just a few pics of the horses at my barn enjoying the first snowfall of the winter! Its been almost 2 years since they have seen this much snow and when I opened the barn door to let them out they weren't sure what to make of the white stuff on the ground. As soon as they figured out...
  7. Horse Talk
    Hello :) Well, it's that time of year again, and things are getting a bit chilly!! We are forcasted to have a nasty winter this year, with LOTS of snow. I'm actually *quite* excited - I love snow :) But, unlike years past, I now have very little/no access of an indoor riding ring. Simply...
  8. Horse Pictures
    What do you think of these pics I took today? Please rate them :)
  9. Horse Pictures
    Today I went to the stable to feed my horses. After they finished eating, I had a nice ride on my Haflinger. The sky was very blue and the weather was wonderful. Snow still covered all terrain but the temperature rose a little above freezing point. It was around 2 degrees centigrade at noon. I...
  10. Horse Pictures
    Hi everybody I woke up this morning and was surprised to find everything covered with snow (around 50 cms). I went to feed my horses and when it snow stopped falling I had a ride on my Haflinger. Unfortunately, the batteries died before my cousin rode on my Arabian. In the photos you can see...
  11. Horse Pictures
    A perfect winter trail ride :wink: Props to my good friend @ for the pictures ♥
  12. General Riding queries
    Where I live we have about three feet of snow. I've been riding at a walk/trot, but am unsure about cantering. The ground is not icy and I know where any dips/rocks are in the field, so that isnt a problem. Should I be ok to canter or should I just stick to walk/trot?
  13. Horse Talk
    I just took in a gelding that had been abandoned and it all happened a lot faster than I thought it was going to. He has been out in a pen by himself until he got use to the new environment and updated on vaccines & wormed. Well... we got hit with a storm today, they have been saying it was...
  14. Horse Pictures
    Upload pictures of your horses in the snow! Or with a Santa hat. Or just any old picture!! I'd love to see them all :) !
  15. Horse Health
    So, i was prowling Youtube and came across this vid and thought it was very funny. Still do, but i realize the seriousness of the situation. Horses can DIE pulling stunts like this! So, how common is it for a horse to go all awkward turtle like this?
  16. Horse Riding Critique
    Hi! Can you please critique my riding? First you should know a little about me... I am only 13 so please be nice. I don't take lessons, but my dad's a very good horseman, so he teaches me a lot. I ride mainly Western, but I bought an English saddle and taught myself how to ride in it, and I...
  17. Horse Talk
    hey guys, just wondering in practically all the horse pics theres a heck of a lot of snow:lol: unfortunatly i live in australia so not much snow comes here :-( but all these horse pics with snow are soooo cute! i recon its practically impossible to take a bad pic with snow!! you lucky ******s...
1-17 of 22 Results